Lake Bolsena is very beautiful, but also very vulnerable. We are a group of European citizens committed to its protection.

A didactic project

Learning about the lake”, our educational project: The best way to protect the lake is to make sure that future generations learn to love it early on.

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Let’s all come to an agreement for sustainable governance of the land.

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The "Associazione Lago di Bolsena" carries out monthly pelagic monitoring of temperature and oxygen with a multi-parameter probe.

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Our subjects

the most important for the protection of the lake


Environment Days 2018 at the lake

June 5 is World Environment Day, the main objective of which is "to give a human face to environmental issues", getting people and (more…)

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By subscribing to the Association – online at the contact/join us page – you will be supporting our activities, in different ways. (more…)

Work in progress – May 2018

Update 5.5.18
The work to restore the lake’s waste water collector is proceeding. The works, which in this first phase address the (more…)

Work in progress – April 2018

Update 14.04.18
A few days ago the storage tanks in the  sewage treatment plant containing a large amount of sewage sludge (about 7,000 cubic meters, (more…)

Happy Easter!

We are pleased to inform you that our activities are gaining more and more interest. In recent weeks visits to our site have grown, with over 50 visitors daily. Our Facebook page (more…)

Back to Brussels

On 21 March the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament invited Piero Bruni (Associazione Lago di Bolsena) to present his petition for a 3rd examination. Bruni (more…)

Work in progress – March 2018

Update 26th March 2018
This article on the restoration work of the sewage system managed by COBALB has been updated and corrected on the basis of (more…)

Bio-district, first steps

Establishing a bio-district would see a network of farmers, agricultural workers and those involved in organic and biodynamic agri-tourism. For this purpose, we held an initial (more…)

Work in progress

When will the construction sites appear?
On September 5, 2017, the contract for the work to restore the collector and the treatment plant (more…)

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