Lake Bolsena is very beautiful, but also very vulnerable. We are a group of European citizens committed to its protection.

A didactic project

Learning about the lake”, our educational project: The best way to protect the lake is to make sure that future generations learn to love it early on.

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Let’s all come to an agreement for sustainable governance of the land.

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The "Associazione Lago di Bolsena" carries out monthly pelagic monitoring of temperature and oxygen with a multi-parameter probe.

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Our subjects

the most important for the protection of the lake


Goletta dei Laghi 2018

On 27 July at 'Le Sorgenti' in Bolsena, Legambiente presented the results of the 'Goletta dei Laghi' 2018 for Lake Bolsena with results that are anything but reassuring: out of 6 (more…)

Farewell to Sonja Zantl

On July 27th Sonja Zantl left us. She was a founder member of the BLEU committee, which  later became the Association. It was her initiative to bring together foreigners (more…)

Work in progress – July 2018

Update 19.07.18
The restoration work on the circumlacual collector managed by COBALB is nearing completion, even though it was slowed down (more…)

Water quality for 2018 “excellent”?

This year at the beginning of the summer season – as is now almost traditional – the Mayor of Bolsena declared "with pride" (more…)

Work in progress – June 2018

Update 18.06.18
The work of restoring the ring channel collector managed by COBALB continues. Restoration of the mechanical-hydraulic lifting (more…)

“Knowing Lake Bolsena” 2018

The success of this year’s environmental education project "Knowing Lake Bolsena" (open to all primary schools in the lake district) was celebrated on June 27 with an (more…)

Environment Days 2018 at the lake

June 5 is World Environment Day, the main objective of which is "to give a human face to environmental issues", getting people and (more…)

Subscribe to BLEU! 

By subscribing to the Association – online at the contact/join us page – you will be supporting our activities, in different ways. (more…)

Work in progress – May 2018

Update 5.05.18
The work to restore the lake’s waste water collector is proceeding. The works, which in this first phase address the (more…)

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